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Capo Plaza
Capo Plaza

At the very young age of 20 he gained the attention of the whole italian’s trap scene becoming one of its most relevant representative.
His lyrics, which talk also about redemption and vindication, send a very strong message to his fans: if you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from achiving your goals.
His long awaited debut album, released on april 20th 2018, has been gold certified just after 2 weeks and then double platimum certified.
One year after its release, the album was still on the top 15 of the italian chart
The track “tesla”, contained in the album, officially entered the top 200 of spotify global, and ranked first in the official ranking of the best-selling singles of 2018. It is certified fourfold platinum and the video has over 50 million views. His first european tour called “da zero a 20" started on march 5th from berlin and ended in milan on march 26th 2019 with a big sold out .