Маn unіtеԁ VЅ RоМа 6-2 All Goals & Highlights - 2021

Pubblicato il 29 apr 2021
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  • moses onyangore

    moses onyangore

    Mese fa


  • R B

    R B

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    Tifosi della Roma dove ca**o siete?!?

  • fahim MUHOTASIN

    fahim MUHOTASIN

    Mese fa

    Respect for pogba ❤️💯❤️

  • Fahim Saiful

    Fahim Saiful

    Mese fa

    commentator: eeeeeessssshhhhhhhh, woooossssshhhhh

  • Robert Hamilton

    Robert Hamilton

    Mese fa

    Not an penalty

  • A K O F F I C I A L

    A K O F F I C I A L

    Mese fa

    Keren 😀

  • Supri Yatno

    Supri Yatno

    Mese fa

    Anda menemukan bahasa indonesia

  • Gani Mubarok

    Gani Mubarok

    Mese fa

    Bruno Fernandez = Magician 🎉🎉

  • Alessandro Cucco

    Alessandro Cucco

    Mese fa

    soccer sucks

  • Irwan Bigborneo

    Irwan Bigborneo

    Mese fa

    *Tidur nyenyak esok mancing mania*

  • Defon Arbi Ahfal

    Defon Arbi Ahfal

    Mese fa

    Bang ini dimana ,gua nyasar tolongin

  • Igen Moni

    Igen Moni

    Mese fa

    Iklan anjing btul🔥🔥

  • Muhamed Aldi22

    Muhamed Aldi22

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  • Ejiekpe Nmesoma

    Ejiekpe Nmesoma

    Mese fa


  • Ram Khasi Jaiñtia Song

    Ram Khasi Jaiñtia Song

    Mese fa


  • Ahsan Setiawan

    Ahsan Setiawan

    Mese fa

    Back to campion Red devil 👍🚩

  • Hagos Jhon

    Hagos Jhon

    Mese fa

    Man united 4 ever💖💖💖💖

  • Pidy Pdah

    Pidy Pdah

    Mese fa

    At least penalty they should give to Cavani to score the hatrick

  • betta Anwar

    betta Anwar

    Mese fa

    Fogba mainnya kok kayak bukan pemain ftopesional

  • CadacodeMi


    Mese fa


  • Musa London

    Musa London

    Mese fa

    Yess Super players have joined MY Manchester 👍💪

  • Asep Nurrohim

    Asep Nurrohim

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    #trending in indonesia

  • nur rofidatun nisa

    nur rofidatun nisa

    Mese fa

    ggmu *emot nangid keluar aer mata

  • rafa el barra

    rafa el barra

    Mese fa

    GG MU🔥🔥



    Mese fa

    *In fact, Jesus Christ is the only one who will fill your empty space, amen.*

  • BunRong Hydro Arts

    BunRong Hydro Arts

    Mese fa

    unbelievable United now win 6:2😂

  • Muhammad Hamdani

    Muhammad Hamdani

    Mese fa

    Kayak gini banget hidup jaman sekarang selalu berbau politik :'(

  • Muhammad Hamdani

    Muhammad Hamdani

    Mese fa

    Kangen liat supporter dukung tim:')

  • Rony Oxs

    Rony Oxs

    Mese fa

    Kebanyakan iklan

  • Ahmadboy 878

    Ahmadboy 878

    Mese fa

    Bo'q yebtiku roma

  • rickjames21


    Mese fa

    We gave them a familiar thumping

  • Einstein Ray

    Einstein Ray

    Mese fa

    Woah GGMU
    go to final

  • NotScared


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    4,1 milioni di views

  • Muhammed SAKKA

    Muhammed SAKKA

    Mese fa


  • Yen Yen

    Yen Yen

    Mese fa

    cavani is talented

  • Moga Os

    Moga Os

    Mese fa

    Italian team are soooo embarrassing in the uefa cup or ucl these days

  • Arif Johansyah

    Arif Johansyah

    Mese fa

    Makan konate so complete player



    Mese fa

    Bukalapak: Endita_Shop

  • christian raccuglia

    christian raccuglia

    Mese fa

    Squadra de pippe nn meritate di indossare questa maglia

  • Tanaim Shareeb

    Tanaim Shareeb

    Mese fa

    What language is the commentry in the beggining

  • Azan Rai

    Azan Rai

    Mese fa


  • Raymon Amzat

    Raymon Amzat

    Mese fa

    Come back master UNITED SPIRIT!@

  • Alkaizer


    Mese fa

    i cheer MU, but we didnt deserve that penalty.



    Mese fa


  • Jetto Aldha

    Jetto Aldha

    Mese fa

    Mon maap bos, MU selalu trending

  • abdihamiT offcial

    abdihamiT offcial

    Mese fa




    Mese fa


  • Sandal Jepit

    Sandal Jepit

    Mese fa

    Kaya wong dolanan.. MU 👍

  • King Mendol

    King Mendol

    Mese fa

    Semoga konsisten dah formasi gak dirubah"

  • toro toro

    toro toro

    Mese fa

    Cavani could hattrick

  • Khamis Massoud Omar

    Khamis Massoud Omar

    Mese fa

    Saw wanangu

  • Ujang Rukmana

    Ujang Rukmana

    Mese fa

    Mu king cambeck👍

  • Etak 123

    Etak 123

    Mese fa

    Kbnyakan iklan

  • Emmanuel Awuah

    Emmanuel Awuah

    Mese fa

    The next guy after Cavani is Lewendoski... Haha

  • Fasya Alfissyauqi

    Fasya Alfissyauqi

    Mese fa

    Come back anjir

  • AJID ASEVEN Channel

    AJID ASEVEN Channel

    Mese fa

    mantapp bnrr

  • David Lutman

    David Lutman

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  • Abdurahmanarab Abdurahmanarab

    Abdurahmanarab Abdurahmanarab

    Mese fa

    Pogba 😎❤

  • sururi Doank

    sururi Doank

    Mese fa


  • Mafahim Family

    Mafahim Family

    Mese fa


  • Joe Reigns

    Joe Reigns

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    • Desmond Gabriel

      Desmond Gabriel

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  • 000000 000

    000000 000

    Mese fa


  • Akhtaruzzaman Joy

    Akhtaruzzaman Joy

    Mese fa

    4:18 damn he is celebrating.
    8:58 damn he is not celebrating.

  • Oliver Patrick

    Oliver Patrick

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    • Nicholas


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      Jim Crypto

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      mark joe

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    • Humphreys Yañg

      Humphreys Yañg

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    • Hope Khali

      Hope Khali

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      Trading without a professional like Expert Geroge Wilson is like gambling with your money

  • Anita Joseph

    Anita Joseph

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  • Luís Voller

    Luís Voller

    Mese fa

    Bruno is just amazing!!!
    Engoy MU

  • Ernjey Hotep

    Ernjey Hotep

    Mese fa

    9:20 that's it. that sums it up for Roma. brought to their knees

  • william karmanto

    william karmanto

    Mese fa

    I cant imagine if united playing without bruno....

  • M Nabil Nasir

    M Nabil Nasir

    Mese fa

    Roma ngapain sih?

  • Football Manager

    Football Manager

    Mese fa

    man utd!!!!

  • Luvala_jr


    Mese fa

    So, smalling and Mkhitaryan were back at old trafford, and lost? OK

  • POzze konkiy

    POzze konkiy

    Mese fa

    Why agem

  • Susanto YOG

    Susanto YOG

    Mese fa

    What are u doing smalling 😆😆😆

  • Ernjey Hotep

    Ernjey Hotep

    Mese fa

    Greenwood just doesn't waste no chances. my boy is that efficient

    • kola wole

      kola wole

      Mese fa

      The sharpest striker in ManUtd currently

  • Ahmad Rudi

    Ahmad Rudi

    Mese fa

    Cavani egois

  • the shild Indratama

    the shild Indratama

    Mese fa

    Ktanya Smailling Mau Goreng² Xixixxi

  • MD Mehedi Mamun

    MD Mehedi Mamun

    Mese fa


  • midan ynwa

    midan ynwa

    Mese fa

    lagi serius" nonton iklanya lewat banyak banget anjim

  • Akash Ahamed

    Akash Ahamed

    Mese fa

    no timer,no goal counter😑

  • abdur rohman

    abdur rohman

    Mese fa

    Liga pocong..wkwkw

  • Mas Dimas

    Mas Dimas

    Mese fa

    Banyak iklan nya.

  • vincensius yuangga

    vincensius yuangga

    Mese fa

    MU on fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr.Manuss


    Mese fa

    แมนยูชุดนี้น่าดู แต่ยังขาดๆเกินๆไปนิด

  • BO CiL

    BO CiL

    Mese fa

    MU butuh sosok cr7,

  • Sir Winston Churchil

    Sir Winston Churchil

    Mese fa


  • Darmawan Mbo

    Darmawan Mbo

    Mese fa




    Mese fa

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  • kermiki pdang

    kermiki pdang

    Mese fa


  • Valentina Mastrogiuseppe

    Valentina Mastrogiuseppe

    Mese fa

    Bello però forza Roma

  • G Vanjali

    G Vanjali

    Mese fa


  • Noelsya Forever

    Noelsya Forever

    Mese fa

    Forza roma

  • Noelsya Forever

    Noelsya Forever

    Mese fa

    Menang kalah tetap roma

  • Novi Diana

    Novi Diana

    Mese fa

    Kasian ya malu bngt itu biskuit...
    Forza inter

  • 2TN Realtime

    2TN Realtime

    Mese fa


  • Sottocantinaro dello Svapo

    Sottocantinaro dello Svapo

    Mese fa

    Roma a pezzi, e sfotrunatatissima: in formazione-tipo e senza infortuni forse sarebbe finita con altri punteggi, anche se un con un 2-6 c'è poco da commentare.
    Il calcio è bello perchè è vario, il ritorno sarà una semplice formalità, ma la Roma
    dovrà evitare almeno di sbracare.
    A tutti i modi, almeno la Roma ha la soddisfazione di essere stata l'ultima italiana
    a uscire dalle coppe, ed arrivare in semifinale fà bene anche al nostro ranking...

  • Futsal. in

    Futsal. in

    Mese fa


  • Galih Boo

    Galih Boo

    Mese fa

    Persib ku liga 1 Gass

  • Fauzi D Fauzi

    Fauzi D Fauzi

    Mese fa

    shit . iam sleeping waiting goal moment

  • Anshita Bacorisen

    Anshita Bacorisen

    Mese fa

    Lmafao it's always in the 2nd half💀😭💅🏻

  • Giruk Giruk

    Giruk Giruk

    Mese fa