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  • Hindash


    Anno fa

    Aaaand we're back!!! I've missed you all so much! WE HIT 1 MILLION ON INSTAGRAM!!! Let's follow that on YouTube haha. How beautiful is Caroline? I had to bring her back and address the "please powder" issue, and go for a much lighter base! - Hindash 💞

    • Françoise Frolet-Claude

      Françoise Frolet-Claude

      13 giorni fa

      @Change Eye Color de

    • Pam Black

      Pam Black

      Mese fa

      You have a stunning model to begin with, having said that you're my idol for enhancing a mature woman's qualities. I would give anything to have that experience with you for myself. I'm a 68 year old woman with hooded eyes that has wrinkles and was never taught how to apply make-up. You and Caroline are a fantastic team. How can I find someone like you to help me? I realize I'm not a model and probably won't get an answer.

    • Mary Ann Shults

      Mary Ann Shults

      2 mesi fa

      love the colors on Caroline; however some older women still have red and brown hair. Can you do an older woman with colored hair? Please give a list of the products. Love it all!!!

    • Sara Khan

      Sara Khan

      2 mesi fa

      Love from Lahore Pakistan I like u wanna friend ship with u

    • Change Eye Color

      Change Eye Color

      2 mesi fa


  • sandy haqqy

    sandy haqqy

    5 ore fa

    except she is not the average mature woman.. shes almost flawless .. we need more ordinary ladies

  • ingrid and Socks

    ingrid and Socks

    2 giorni fa


  • Carmen Murillo

    Carmen Murillo

    3 giorni fa

    Fantástico maquillaje y hermosa mujer

  • Sandi McDonald

    Sandi McDonald

    4 giorni fa

    Geeking out over both of the dogs!

  • Step Into Your Power

    Step Into Your Power

    4 giorni fa

    You are such a wonderful artist and Caroline is just stunning. It would be great if you could do a 5min daily make up that uses far less number of products. Daily glamour that is more sustainable. Thank you

  • Vanessa A.

    Vanessa A.

    4 giorni fa

    Beautiful 👏

  • Nataly D

    Nataly D

    4 giorni fa

    Lawd have mercy is that her daughter?!? Boy, you are a MAGICIAN.

  • Giovana Castro

    Giovana Castro

    4 giorni fa

    Perfeito sem defeito!!!

  • You're right, I'm wrong

    You're right, I'm wrong

    6 giorni fa

    What did you use for tight-lining?

  • Whisper and Mantra

    Whisper and Mantra

    7 giorni fa

    that little dog poops in the house every day.

  • Rebelle Villorejo

    Rebelle Villorejo

    7 giorni fa

    she's lovely. your make up enhance her beauty even more. Beautiful

  • Tara Chellani

    Tara Chellani

    7 giorni fa

    Is this for long wear? Or would you use a long wear foundation if it had to last all day?

  • 愛Joy


    7 giorni fa

    she is prettier than i will ever be in my whole life

  • daniel perez cvnl

    daniel perez cvnl

    7 giorni fa

    Adorable, con buen gusto y excelente trabajo.
    Gracias por el video.

  • Rachel


    8 giorni fa

    You're makeup application was simplistic but stunning! I hope I look as wonderful as she does when I'm older.

  • Danang Orchidée

    Danang Orchidée

    8 giorni fa

    She is beautiful

  • Rebeca Soares

    Rebeca Soares

    8 giorni fa


  • spinfan1


    9 giorni fa


  • Jaf Loise

    Jaf Loise

    9 giorni fa

    Fantastic job 💋

  • F. K

    F. K

    10 giorni fa

    Sooo pretty the lady omg

  • Neil Brooks Arizona Unplugged

    Neil Brooks Arizona Unplugged

    11 giorni fa

    Love the gray hair……it shows confidence ;)

  • Projektuję Appki

    Projektuję Appki

    11 giorni fa

    I'm 23 and I don't look half as good as her 🤣

  • Silvia Ciobanu

    Silvia Ciobanu

    12 giorni fa

    Seriously.... She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I wanna age like her, she's gorgeous!

  • Housha Dejkameh

    Housha Dejkameh

    12 giorni fa


  • Kıs Kıs

    Kıs Kıs

    12 giorni fa

    He rarely works with hooded eyes. This lady does not have them either

  • Barbara


    14 giorni fa

    I just turned 55 and still want to be beautiful. Thank you for the tips on mature skin

  • Karl Hamburg

    Karl Hamburg

    15 giorni fa


  • Lacie D. Ross

    Lacie D. Ross

    18 giorni fa

    Gorgeous! You really enhanced her beauty, taking years off. You focused on skincare and added simple, feminine colors. So impressive!

  • margery cohen

    margery cohen

    18 giorni fa

    Hindash! Can you recommend a make up artist in Tel Aviv?

  • Crystal Day

    Crystal Day

    21 giorno fa

    I see Caroline's photo stolen and used on makeup and skin care ads from your video.

  • Anna Kavlova

    Anna Kavlova

    22 giorni fa

    Just incredible, 👍❤️🇪🇸

  • mchris65


    25 giorni fa

    Misleading thumbnail:\

  • ꧁Olivia A. Lastre༄꧂

    ꧁Olivia A. Lastre༄꧂

    26 giorni fa

    *_she is perfect!_*

  • Валентина Ткаченко

    Валентина Ткаченко

    27 giorni fa


  • Rachele Kramer

    Rachele Kramer

    28 giorni fa

    Reminds me of Demi Moore

  • Jael Thompson

    Jael Thompson

    28 giorni fa

    I new here and I loved this video. Have you every done a makeover on someone with vitiligo? I would like to learn how to best conceal the vitiligo with a simple and clean look.

  • Наталья Попова

    Наталья Попова

    29 giorni fa

    Amazing makeup! Amazing woman! 🥰🙌🏻💔💔💔

  • Ксю Ксю

    Ксю Ксю

    29 giorni fa

    Очень красивый макияж и очень красивая женщина, у Вас каждая будет красоткой

  • Ellen Lee

    Ellen Lee

    Mese fa

    I am a 50 year old woman & i hardly ever use powder, if i do, i use a finishing powder instead of setting powder. I like both , part 1 & 2

  • Scorp1111 Novemberbaby

    Scorp1111 Novemberbaby

    Mese fa

    She is beautful ..a bit like Brooke Sheilds' Grandmother :)

  • Gayle Kemper

    Gayle Kemper

    Mese fa


  • Mary Moore

    Mary Moore

    Mese fa

    Genius as always and Caroline is so beautiful. I love the minimalist approach, she looks so natural and bright!

  • Ooo


    Mese fa

    Very beautiful lady and very talented artist

  • Nicola Schmidt

    Nicola Schmidt

    Mese fa

    I believe for daily makeup, just the basic covering already makes such a huge difference. I would love to see an everyday video with minimal products. Carolines 5 minutes makeup!

  • Deborah mullins

    Deborah mullins

    Mese fa

    Could we do a remote make-up consult? I'm impressed by your talent.

  • Deborah mullins

    Deborah mullins

    Mese fa


  • Lesa McRae

    Lesa McRae

    Mese fa

    What brand of Cyro rollers do you use?

  • Vin1681


    Mese fa

    she is a vision!! just gorgeous!

  • mayaM3


    Mese fa

    She looks amazing.....but how many product have there been used 🤦🏼‍♀️ hah

  • Marie Delmar

    Marie Delmar

    Mese fa

    This is exactly what I’m looking for, I need a new winter look just enough makeup to make me look healthy lol anything stronger makes me look washed out after a few hours in the cold weather. Thank you subscribed today 👋🏼

  • Sheila R.

    Sheila R.

    Mese fa

    Stunning Lady!!! ,.. Simple & Elegant Makeup ❤️ . Love It!!!!!



    Mese fa

    Thats good u have done for a
    oldery woman.

  • Jeffrey Halloway

    Jeffrey Halloway

    Mese fa

    The nimble mailman uncommonly dust because beech collaterally identify qua a bustling asparagus. curved, sudden employer

  • Vanessa Bonham

    Vanessa Bonham

    Mese fa

    What do feel like when it all comes off? The real untouched canvas is the one i love.

  • Creative Crochet

    Creative Crochet

    Mese fa

    She's beautiful. I love watching makeovers on mature skin because we are part of the beauty community. This should be more common everywhere, just like other standards of beauty have changed. Gorgeous makeover!

  • Melisa Kanay

    Melisa Kanay

    Mese fa

    God damn gay, go dig Channal.

  • Lor


    Mese fa

    Your model is a gorgeous woman😍

  • Michelle X

    Michelle X

    Mese fa

    Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn?

  • Luz Ángela Sariego Mejía

    Luz Ángela Sariego Mejía

    Mese fa

    I love it 😍😍😍

  • Надежда Попова

    Надежда Попова

    Mese fa

    So beautiful work! ❤ Caroline's gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • Noe Sullivan

    Noe Sullivan

    Mese fa

    The poor samurai analytically question because hose ethically heap towards a last break. known, defective sweets

  • free2tobeme


    Mese fa

    First time I've seen your channel. She looks amazing, like a million bucks, but it's still too much makeup for me everyday. I love the light touch with how you put her makeup on and I do applaud you for your choice of products. I love them all. Have you done any mature skin on black women like this?
    This question is for Caroline, how did you get rid of your labial lines if you're willing to share? That along with your tight chin and eyebrows already makes you look younger.

  • Martha Gutierrez

    Martha Gutierrez

    Mese fa

    You're a pure magic! What an art! Thanks for sharing. Is there a way to do something like this with less products? It gets expensive.

  • piedad santos

    piedad santos

    Mese fa

    excellent video, never seeing a natural great make up tutorial as this one compliments...

  • Nika


    Mese fa

    У женщины очень молодые глаза. Просто совершенно девичий взгляд. Как-будто глаза прилепили с пожилому лицу.

  • Forest 1111

    Forest 1111

    Mese fa

    good job !this make up makes her even younger than the first one :)

  • Jimmy Acha

    Jimmy Acha

    Mese fa

    Get acquainted with a girl - everything is fine, and in the morning you see who, her mother, grandmother ?

  • Irene Costilla

    Irene Costilla

    Mese fa

    I'm old n ugly n noone looks at me no more .is thief hope for me ..she is so beautiful love how u did her make up she has such awsome hair .you are a true artist young man .love from San Antonio texas .

  • Tazmin Tabara

    Tazmin Tabara

    Mese fa

    that's a cool dog! it looks like a cat plus a dog at the same time.

  • Marty Lou

    Marty Lou

    Mese fa

    Hi! Curious, what brush did you use for both, when you buffed out the warmer concealer and when you applied the lighter concealer? Thank you!

  • Tania T

    Tania T

    Mese fa

    how do you prevent concealer and or foundation from seeping into fine lines and wrinkles causing you to look older by the end of the day or night?

  • Rocket Rush the Rescue Dog

    Rocket Rush the Rescue Dog

    Mese fa

    What is the name of the Photoshop app that transforms a person into Demi Moore?

  • Ester Mantala

    Ester Mantala

    Mese fa

    That is stunning!! Simple yet looks elegant

  • Lilia Santos

    Lilia Santos

    Mese fa

    She looks gorgeous

  • f l

    f l

    Mese fa


  • Celia Araya

    Celia Araya

    Mese fa

    Caroline is beautiful. Great video!

  • Joanna M Taylor

    Joanna M Taylor

    Mese fa

    Fantastic make up make-over. I really wish I could afford all of these skin prep and foundation products and had the know how to apply them. Please come and do my make up Hindash!

  • Анна Капацкая

    Анна Капацкая

    Mese fa


  • Bayar Tsagaan

    Bayar Tsagaan

    Mese fa

    WOW she is so beautiful.

  • Edithajulius Balagtas

    Edithajulius Balagtas

    Mese fa

    How old is she??

  • MKI fatiha

    MKI fatiha

    Mese fa

    I get it. But she does not have mature skin. She has no wrinkles to speak of and no scowl lines. Her face is not the norm. Show something of the norm. Shes got the skin of a 35 year old.

  • Diana Angeles

    Diana Angeles

    Mese fa

    I love ti!

  • Zeynep Onal

    Zeynep Onal

    Mese fa

    How beautiful she is with or without make up..!👏😍😇

  • Eli M

    Eli M

    Mese fa

    Beautiful lady and beautiful make up. Very natural!!! I will practice this make up😍😍😍😍

  • Anna VITI

    Anna VITI

    Mese fa

    Très belle femme.

  • Major Hallikeri

    Major Hallikeri

    Mese fa

    She is old but nice.......

  • Лариса Давтян

    Лариса Давтян

    Mese fa


  • Лариса Давтян

    Лариса Давтян

    Mese fa


  • monicamilan


    Mese fa

    Looking at that woman, I'm almost moved...How is it possible that todays women and girls, destroy their face and body becoming deformed freaks by plastic surgeon, fillers and botox? She looks stunning because she is a real beauty.....the make up is extraordinary!!!!

  • Giancarlo Jacobs

    Giancarlo Jacobs

    Mese fa

    She is stunning without and with makeup!! I feel like Demi would look like this if she hadn't had such drastic work done.

  • Maristela Oliveira de Barros Santana

    Maristela Oliveira de Barros Santana

    Mese fa

    Make up beautiful and nature 👏👏👏

  • Hanna Orlova

    Hanna Orlova

    Mese fa

    Caroline is absolutely gorgeous! WOW even without makeup with her aristocratic beauty!

  • оса полосатая

    оса полосатая

    Mese fa


  • The One And Only Julez

    The One And Only Julez

    Mese fa

    Absolutely stunning before and after. What a naturally beautiful lady 😍

  • Get Some Beauty

    Get Some Beauty

    Mese fa

    Thank you for a tip about the cold rollers for the eyes! I could also recommend the eye cream of Balea for mature skin - Balea Vital Plus Firming Eye Cream. It's perfect for 55+

  • hobi explorer

    hobi explorer

    Mese fa

    Oh man,. She is already very beautiful even before having the make up, try with someone who is really ugly and see if you can repeat :D

  • Leslie Woodhull

    Leslie Woodhull

    Mese fa

    Caroline is such a GORGEOUS woman!! I'm probably about her age or so, but she just looks magnifique! Your makeup techniques are just wonderful to watch. Thank you!

  • mariangelll


    Mese fa

    What a beautiful lady

  • Audrey Branigan

    Audrey Branigan

    2 mesi fa

    Ice queen- Mommy dearest Beautiful!! Ewwww weee!! Shittt....🤔😳😂 probably a woman you want on ya Side😁☮️