Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts

Pubblicato il 22 apr 2021
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Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  • Tim Green

    Tim Green

    42 minuti fa

    Disgusting. Absolutely revolting. Yes, I've tasted, ONCE.

  • Иван Неизвестный

    Иван Неизвестный

    43 minuti fa

    What is it? Americans tell me please

  • mfsn


    48 minuti fa

    In Brazil wee call them "tatuiras"

  • Tommy Sanders

    Tommy Sanders

    Ora fa

    Me: sand fleas, yah lol he ain't gonna catch sh.. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THERE ARE MUTANT FLEAS ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Harrington

    Brian Harrington

    Ora fa

    I see these things at topsail every year and they terrify me

  • DeerFemboy


    Ora fa

    So do you eat them or just catch them for fun? Someone explain pls.

  • Reinaldo Souza reis

    Reinaldo Souza reis

    Ora fa

    Isso aí que é Tatuí

  • DaBrute


    Ora fa

    You know a guy is legit when his crocs are in 4x4 mode

  • Yolosolo Northwest

    Yolosolo Northwest

    2 ore fa

    I thought they were baby crab?

  • No One

    No One

    2 ore fa

    Those creatures will tell a story about how day escaped from alien abduction.

  • Ayan702


    2 ore fa

    This makes a good commercial for Six Flags! Hurray!

  • Ereg Ereg

    Ereg Ereg

    2 ore fa

    What's that ?



    2 ore fa

    It would be helpful to use that rake to clean up the trash around the ocean instead of messing with sand crabs*

  • Mr Mellow Crafty

    Mr Mellow Crafty

    3 ore fa

    I want to see you fry them bad boys up!!

  • Aizek show

    Aizek show

    3 ore fa

    Этот чел видимо в этом году открывает охоту на крабиков

  • Maga Garage

    Maga Garage

    3 ore fa


  • koon chai

    koon chai

    3 ore fa

    It's very tasty. Make it with salted butter with red pepper crunch with Beer it?'s surely Heaven. ❤❤ in my village we called it Chukong.

  • Fishing across America

    Fishing across America

    3 ore fa

    I always use my hands and catch a shitload in about ankle deep water. 5 minutes of grabbing is good for all day of surf perch fishin

  • Lavish Lemons

    Lavish Lemons

    3 ore fa

    And this is why I won't swim in the ocean

  • Miss Majere

    Miss Majere

    3 ore fa

    I miss catching these up on Long Island. Childhood memories we used to be able to dog through the sand and pull up 2-3 at a time

  • Eduardo Ota

    Eduardo Ota

    3 ore fa

    Hermit crabs 🐚

  • Abdullahi Omar

    Abdullahi Omar

    4 ore fa

    This is fucked up ....

  • Keith Jones

    Keith Jones

    4 ore fa

    I've swam and roamed the beaches for years, But that has all just changed. I'll be in the parking lot 💯 Ijs

  • Sunido, Anthony Atreu V.

    Sunido, Anthony Atreu V.

    4 ore fa

    Are those bites or just tickles haha

  • No clickbait

    No clickbait

    4 ore fa

    iki nang segoro kidul akeh iki, temenan.

  • Tobi Uchiha

    Tobi Uchiha

    4 ore fa

    . . .

  • Carson Vona

    Carson Vona

    4 ore fa

    Umm thanks I think I won't be seeing in ocean for a while

  • Juleando Blair

    Juleando Blair

    4 ore fa

    Wtf there goes the rest of my showers for life

  • agunk bro

    agunk bro

    4 ore fa

    Woa that's look delicious, i will be very rich if I can catch that much

  • BMK Sheeshh!!!

    BMK Sheeshh!!!

    4 ore fa

    Are they edible???

  • Wannensitzer 01

    Wannensitzer 01

    4 ore fa

    Mr crabs nooo

  • Marlin Perkins

    Marlin Perkins

    4 ore fa

    Sand fleas? Not sure that's a proper name but nice to see them there. This means the beach is healthy.

  • rolas iem

    rolas iem

    4 ore fa

    We call that as "wrutuk"

  • EP


    4 ore fa

    Everything from the sunglasses to the cringy intro... this dude looks like he lost his job making get rich quick ads on YouTube and is just combing the beaches for food now

  • Amanda Nour

    Amanda Nour

    5 ore fa

    I had to wear panty hose over my swimsuit in Queensland Australia because their little jellyfish sting you and you DIE. Btw you may not feel the sting either so you just drop dead. Crazy.

  • Mighty Marshmallow

    Mighty Marshmallow

    5 ore fa

    Is this guy using them for bait or something?

  • Jay Namastay

    Jay Namastay

    5 ore fa

    Well that's chat... never going bare feet again man..yuk

  • ThousandBlades


    5 ore fa

    I caught 17 fish with those. Not big about as long as a charger block

  • Rhyl Jones

    Rhyl Jones

    5 ore fa

    Aaaaand we're done going to the beach.

  • Michael Almeida

    Michael Almeida

    5 ore fa

    Those aren't fleas at all. They're literally sand crabs.

  • Kyle Kirenn

    Kyle Kirenn

    5 ore fa

    Are they edible?

  • Vangelis


    5 ore fa

    Look like sand cocroaches.

  • dreamingcode


    5 ore fa

    I love crocs

  • Christina Wetherby

    Christina Wetherby

    5 ore fa

    A sand flea? What are those ? Do u eat them?

  • KingFish Sk3llitor

    KingFish Sk3llitor

    5 ore fa

    I wanna EAT EMMMM!!!!! I'm getting one of those

  • Jesse Percifull

    Jesse Percifull

    6 ore fa

    What the hell is a sand flea?!!

  • Gay McClurg

    Gay McClurg

    6 ore fa

    We use to have fun digging them up at the beach

  • Leonardo Gaming

    Leonardo Gaming

    6 ore fa

    in my place name this queny 😅😅

  • e schwarz

    e schwarz

    6 ore fa

    Where are those Gulls when you need em!?

  • Paul j Gordon

    Paul j Gordon

    6 ore fa


  • Tisumida


    6 ore fa

    I always wondered what those were, pretty cool

  • Templar Bob

    Templar Bob

    6 ore fa

    Why catch them?

  • Dave Iaucco

    Dave Iaucco

    6 ore fa


  • Natalie Lindo

    Natalie Lindo

    7 ore fa

    I found these in fresh 🐟 stomach a few times normally snapper, bream...

  • Crazymoose


    7 ore fa

    We call em' "MUY MUY" here un Perú, great vid dude...i recomend u to see the "And Moll" channel, U'll love it....!!?

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    7 ore fa

    cat or dog only they bite a hell of a lot harder. Also, I've never seen crabs like that before especially in that amount

  • Kenneth Sigua

    Kenneth Sigua

    7 ore fa

    11m in 1 week? Damn sand fleas became an instant celeb

  • Solypsis


    7 ore fa


  • David Davis

    David Davis

    7 ore fa

    But why catch them?

  • nintonintendo1


    7 ore fa

    Imagine those things crawling on your skin while you go take a bath in the sea

    • bowen voowy

      bowen voowy

      7 ore fa

      I doesnt like this sorry this is yul

  • Mathy Don

    Mathy Don

    7 ore fa

    Gross just leave them

  • Bartholomew Tobias Jenkins

    Bartholomew Tobias Jenkins

    7 ore fa

    you call those jumbo? I've found one as big as your hand

  • Mul Yadi

    Mul Yadi

    8 ore fa

    Kalau di indonesia itu bisa di makan enak

  • Chris .M

    Chris .M

    8 ore fa

    mah man got those crocs drip

  • Sam Osborne

    Sam Osborne

    8 ore fa

    i used to try to create little rivers/paths of water in the sand, and then catch these little guys and put them in there lol

  • Ğәøґĝә :3

    Ğәøґĝә :3

    8 ore fa

    So stupid, why u do that?

  • Patrick Barber

    Patrick Barber

    8 ore fa

    (Angry Mudcrab noise)

  • Sasha


    9 ore fa

    Can we eat them.?

  • Misty Rivers

    Misty Rivers

    9 ore fa

    I see them as baby crabs.... some look like different though

  • Matt


    9 ore fa

    Aren't they just hermit crabs?

  • eternoy


    9 ore fa

    Wtf I thought they were like 2~3mm in size, these things are *huge*

  • Tapan Jariwala

    Tapan Jariwala

    9 ore fa

    My mind after watching this video:
    Just fcukinnn Cancel all the trips Related to beach

  • anthony tercias

    anthony tercias

    9 ore fa


  • Rephic Cipher

    Rephic Cipher

    10 ore fa

    We eat those from where we come from

  • Ales _MTB

    Ales _MTB

    10 ore fa

    I doesnt like this sorry this is yul

  • Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

    10 ore fa

    They are crunchy fried

    • mary


      8 ore fa

      why do i keep seeing ur comments 😭

  • Saarthak Chowdhury

    Saarthak Chowdhury

    10 ore fa

    Why? Just why??

  • Djsjdjdjd Dndbfbdb

    Djsjdjdjd Dndbfbdb

    10 ore fa

    Eat them

  • Voltaic Fire

    Voltaic Fire

    10 ore fa

    Are they edible?

  • Canoga Parque 818

    Canoga Parque 818

    10 ore fa

    .....yeah phuck that

  • les enfants terribles

    les enfants terribles

    10 ore fa

    eeeewwww wtf

  • Anton Esmes

    Anton Esmes

    10 ore fa

    What is this good for?

  • Johnnie Spight

    Johnnie Spight

    10 ore fa

    Me: tf is a sand flea?

  • George Thomas - Riggxh

    George Thomas - Riggxh

    11 ore fa

    Nice crocs g

  • 김수아


    11 ore fa


  • Sanju Chembilode

    Sanju Chembilode

    11 ore fa

    Max Verstappen??? 😅

  • Brett Lucas

    Brett Lucas

    11 ore fa

    Best part of going to the beach is catching Sand Fleas(east coast). They are like little isopodes, but less freaky.

  • Billy Rice

    Billy Rice

    11 ore fa

    Lmao people didn't know that sand flies existed 🤣

  • Ixon


    11 ore fa

    Wow so much...plastic inside...

  • CG_SOL


    11 ore fa

    What do sand fleas even do?

  • Toño 8a

    Toño 8a

    11 ore fa

    u g h

  • chutzpah


    11 ore fa

    That is SOOOOOO disgusting 😤😒😑 why does he want them??? For a barbecue or what? The older I get the more I never want to return to the ocean.

  • Chisumi Gaming

    Chisumi Gaming

    11 ore fa

    I once saw a vid, which cooks those '-'

  • Chan Sison

    Chan Sison

    12 ore fa

    good food try it :) no kidding

  • Emma Zander

    Emma Zander

    13 ore fa

    😱 omg

  • Unbox Combo

    Unbox Combo

    13 ore fa

    Can i eat them?

  • RedKayotic


    13 ore fa

    This camera movements makes me dizzy

  • Marvin Weber

    Marvin Weber

    13 ore fa

    Die armen Tiere

  • Rhevan Aqillah

    Rhevan Aqillah

    13 ore fa

    Wah ena sekali nih di daerah saya namannya katupong🤤