Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts

Pubblicato il 2 apr 2021
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Anthony Rivera
  • Linklink098


    17 secondi fa

    I saw it hit and i think that glass is STRONG

  • Thiago Mendonça

    Thiago Mendonça

    Minuto fa

    que agonia

  • stay positive

    stay positive

    2 minuti fa

    And he's awesome! 👌



    2 minuti fa

    Which app do you use for those edits?

  • Rafael Augusto

    Rafael Augusto

    4 minuti fa

    Ta facil que esse gordinho pega 20kilos facil assim

  • James P

    James P

    6 minuti fa

    Stupid content

  • Shivansh shukla

    Shivansh shukla

    10 minuti fa

    Paise jada ho hame bhej do

  • Bosnia And Hercegovina

    Bosnia And Hercegovina

    14 minuti fa


  • EggYouk


    17 minuti fa


  • Benn Wisbey

    Benn Wisbey

    18 minuti fa

    It's a fake weight

  • Tughral Raja

    Tughral Raja

    19 minuti fa

    Its fake

  • Kamrul Hasan

    Kamrul Hasan

    19 minuti fa


  • Man2 Medianista

    Man2 Medianista

    19 minuti fa

    Until this day humanity has lost intelligence because of this

  • Davide Tomassi

    Davide Tomassi

    24 minuti fa

    Even though it's yours, you're a criminal

  • Богдан Кабанченко

    Богдан Кабанченко

    26 minuti fa

    Это цирковая фигня из пены...

  • Roman Gudev

    Roman Gudev

    27 minuti fa

    He’s the type of guy to throw a fake 45lb plate at a lambo windscreen for clout

  • veriso channel

    veriso channel

    28 minuti fa

    Is a plástic wheight

  • Whoever Whoever

    Whoever Whoever

    28 minuti fa

    It's just a piece of foam.

  • Mia Meyers

    Mia Meyers

    28 minuti fa

    He is so crazy o my world

  • Jayson Denosta

    Jayson Denosta

    35 minuti fa


  • puxxxcasu


    37 minuti fa

    Fake weight or ur hulk throwing it

  • SW Entertainment

    SW Entertainment

    38 minuti fa

    He the type of guy who would throw a fake bar bell on a lambo for views



    39 minuti fa

    Nem da pra perceber que é de isopor

  • Jake Jenkins

    Jake Jenkins

    43 minuti fa

    Funny how it’s a movie prop fake disc, Jesus people will do anything for views nowadays, even posting crap content....

  • Karrr


    47 minuti fa

    No one:::
    All comments.
    "He's a type of guy..."🗿🗿🗿 WTF🗿😂

  • Mexican_Joker


    52 minuti fa

    Is Fake

  • FMSP8


    52 minuti fa

    His the type of guy to lip sync to an instrumental

  • purple hax

    purple hax

    53 minuti fa

    you cut the clip too late

  • Inomjon Gulomjonov

    Inomjon Gulomjonov

    53 minuti fa

    This fake

  • Mike Wyman

    Mike Wyman

    56 minuti fa

    I wish we can get the disliked total back

  • Felipe Banderas de la rioja usd yt

    Felipe Banderas de la rioja usd yt

    Ora fa

    Hera de goma chicossss :/

  • Doubius


    Ora fa

    You just threw 45lbs Like it way 2 feathers.The fake Dumbell... is it Startphom or plastic ?

  • Jennifer Nickson

    Jennifer Nickson

    Ora fa

    just stop

  • Emilija Bulvydaite

    Emilija Bulvydaite

    Ora fa

    Its fake

  • Larry Fontana

    Larry Fontana

    Ora fa

    Foam weight. These stupid ass rich kids really think people are that gullible.

  • Snpr Skllr

    Snpr Skllr

    Ora fa

    i closed my eyes 😶 i dont want to see my favcar smashed

  • Marie M

    Marie M

    Ora fa

    Daft dat het kapot gin

  • Gaming Edition

    Gaming Edition

    Ora fa

    Fake weight lol what a moron think we that daft?

  • Hugão Leonardo

    Hugão Leonardo

    Ora fa

    nunca que um frango desse pega 20kg assim

  • Gabriel Hague

    Gabriel Hague

    Ora fa

    I mean it's fake anyways

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    0 abonnés 0 vidéo Bien joué à moi même

    Ora fa

    One world: delete/ useless

  • nic


    Ora fa

    This is fake

  • رسلان رسلان

    رسلان رسلان

    Ora fa


  • Pate


    Ora fa

    Good now get a real car like a skyline lot faster and better and even more badass looking

  • SnickerOfSteel


    2 ore fa

    styrofoam weight

  • Thanh Thach

    Thanh Thach

    2 ore fa

    Foam plates= fake

  • Lyrics CReedonic

    Lyrics CReedonic

    2 ore fa

    He is type of guy wants us to believe the sun that shines in the dark ..

  • Shohrux Kenjayev.

    Shohrux Kenjayev.

    2 ore fa

    Не железо это

  • Steven X

    Steven X

    2 ore fa

    Yea it’s made of foam wow so cool

  • Jake Mehr

    Jake Mehr

    2 ore fa

    Fake weight plate



    2 ore fa

    Dude wtf

  • Ed Tad

    Ed Tad

    2 ore fa

    You are fake as the weight you carrying!

  • Wyatt Chilton

    Wyatt Chilton

    2 ore fa

    This is the type of guy to drink water instead of extinguish a fire

  • Controlled By

    Controlled By

    2 ore fa

    Oh it's fake weight I get it now... Lame

  • Brady cadwell

    Brady cadwell

    2 ore fa

    Thats a fake plate

  • Jester Duyag

    Jester Duyag

    2 ore fa


  • Luka Igrutinovic

    Luka Igrutinovic

    2 ore fa

    He’s the type of guy that pours hot water into the water heater

  • Patrick Anayo

    Patrick Anayo

    2 ore fa


  • Ľubomír Jarotta

    Ľubomír Jarotta

    2 ore fa

    Cat €10000 😅🔫

  • The Dockta

    The Dockta

    2 ore fa

    So, was that foam or rubber. I dont get why the slow motion. It's not real and we know that because your legs are not twisting to toss the weight so it weighs under 1 or 2 kgs, plus you definitely could lift it if it was 45 lbs. Look at your gangly self lmfao so...

  • José P. Vega

    José P. Vega

    3 ore fa

    If it was my Lambo I was already kicking your ass

  • Connor Clarke

    Connor Clarke

    3 ore fa

    This man should be in prison.

  • Guillermo Aguilar

    Guillermo Aguilar

    3 ore fa

    Nobody can easily throw like that 20 kg, fake

  • Owen S9

    Owen S9

    3 ore fa

    Se nota que es de plástico esa mamada 😂😂

  • belan yassen

    belan yassen

    3 ore fa

    It's fake just sponge 😏

  • Cleiton pires

    Cleiton pires

    3 ore fa


  • Peter Dawe

    Peter Dawe

    3 ore fa

    Fake! That thing is made of plastic



    3 ore fa

    One puts he the type of guy , it just floats till the end

  • Aaron Jake Gabriel

    Aaron Jake Gabriel

    3 ore fa

    For content only hahaha

  • Ananda Krishnan

    Ananda Krishnan

    3 ore fa

    Hey man if u dont want the car just give it to the ones who doesnt have one instead of destroying

  • Aaron Deshon

    Aaron Deshon

    3 ore fa

    He’s the type of guy to fart and flush it



    3 ore fa

    You are so mean

  • Jeffrey Norris

    Jeffrey Norris

    4 ore fa

    It bounce. Fake weight

  • RG


    4 ore fa

    He’s the type of guy to sell his Tesla to pay the electric bill.

  • I sit on a throne of methadone

    I sit on a throne of methadone

    4 ore fa

    This is why the world is being polluted to death

  • ninja boys

    ninja boys

    4 ore fa

    Its plastic

  • Elisa Apparuti

    Elisa Apparuti

    4 ore fa

    Dai ma io pensavo fosse vero

  • mayur lad

    mayur lad

    4 ore fa

    Legend says Thermocol
    Because at the time of touching glass it should be break it doesnt

  • Jeffouille07


    4 ore fa


  • HunZer


    4 ore fa


  • Surender Kumar Sk

    Surender Kumar Sk

    4 ore fa

    It is fack

  • Taha Çelebi

    Taha Çelebi

    4 ore fa

    That's fake

  • Ghys Bois

    Ghys Bois

    5 ore fa

    If you ever lifted one of these plates you would see that it would never fly off like that from a child’s hand nor would it bounce off the windshield...

  • youtube navy

    youtube navy

    5 ore fa

    Not foam at all🙄

  • امیرحسن شجاعی

    امیرحسن شجاعی

    5 ore fa

    معلوم ماکت وزنه است

  • XRevxnge2994


    5 ore fa

    I think it may have Been rubber

  • Richard Graham

    Richard Graham

    5 ore fa

    Everything looked great until I looked at the size of your belly and I thought wait a minute they weights can't be real .

  • Samuel Felix

    Samuel Felix

    5 ore fa


  • Godmode Content

    Godmode Content

    5 ore fa

    Its made out of plastic its fake guys you see it wenn hits the window

  • Dragon Chain11

    Dragon Chain11

    5 ore fa

    It's fake people!!!!!

  • CrazyViaMe


    5 ore fa

    Do you smell that
    Smells like a lawsuit

  • Madelaine Britz

    Madelaine Britz

    5 ore fa

    Fake ot could be foam

  • mr fuz

    mr fuz

    5 ore fa

    Is one of the fastest things in the world

  • Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith

    6 ore fa


  • Rolando Torres

    Rolando Torres

    6 ore fa

    Dude looks toooo out of shape to just toss a 45lb plate that high... Fake weights

  • Uttam Kothari

    Uttam Kothari

    6 ore fa

    Is is thermocol . he is makin you all fool, ur becoming aslo.. All foolish

  • Geovanni Morales

    Geovanni Morales

    6 ore fa

    fake weight 😂😂😂

  • kAi


    6 ore fa

    He's the type of guy who always looks behind when you tell him not to