Chill Drive - Lofi hip hop mix ~ Stress Relief, Relaxing Music

Pubblicato il 15 mag 2021
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Chill Drive - Lofi hip hop mix ~ Stress Relief, Relaxing Music
→ stress relief, relaxing music, deep sleeping music
→ beats to relax/study to

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I hope you enjoy this ambience as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 charlie toØ human - Walk in the Park

02:16 Elijah Lee, aimless - Explorers

04:08 brillion., Tom Doolie, Monma - Aurora (⇢ Lofi Girl)

07:05 Hazy Year, C4C - Melted (⇢ Chillhop Music)

09:49 mell-ø, Trxxshed - Solitude

11:38 SNUG, Mondo Loops - Night Coffee

14:12 Purrple Cat - Reflection (⇢ Lofi Girl)

17:24 Purrple Cat - After the Rain (⇢ Lofi Girl)

19:32 Mondo Loops, Quist, Jhove - Over the Mountains (⇢ College Music)

20:03 mell-ø, Ambulo - Afloat Again

24:02 Laffey - Home

26:50 Kanisan, frad - Fireflies (⇢ Lofi Girl)

28:53 Kainbeats x Kanisan Moonwalker

31:16 Kainbeats -Outcast Kainbeats

33:23 HM Surf - Its Chronic (⇢ Lofi Girl)

35:27 HEVI, Refeeld - Sleepwalkers

37:45 hevi x Kainbeats Wishing Waiting

39:32 ENRA, Sleepermane - Now \u0026 Then

41:56 Dontcry, Nokiaa - Decay

44:19 brillion., HM Surf - Kiptime

46:41 Blumen, Hoogway - Control The Sky

49:35 brillion., TyLuv. - Journey

52:20 cocabona - You

► Music by:
• Elijah Lee »
• aimless »
• Hazy Year »
• C4C »
• mell-ø »
• Trxxshed »
• SNUG »
• Mondo Loops »
• Purrple Cat »
• Mondo Loops »
• Quist »
• Laffey »
• Kanisan »
• Frad »
• Kainbeats »
• HM Surf »
• Hevi »
• Refeeld »
• ENRA »
• sleepermane »
• dontcry »
• nokiaa »
• Blumen »
• Hoogway »
• Blue Wednesday »
• Dillan Witherow »
• Cocabona »

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    To you reading this: I hope this day for you is completely filled with love and purpose!

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    everyones being sad in the comments but I'm using this for my streams TWITCH.TV/YEETLIKEPETE

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    Hello Everyone!! whoever is reading this, just wanted to say we all are praying for each other and everything will be fine, you will shine like rising star and will have great success and fortune ✌🏼

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    Would love to see tear animations from Homer and Bart for the sad songs like Night Coffee @12:00

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    momento spreen 2:05:55



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    Im really stress right now. This kind of music really help me. Thanks guys.

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    Homer an Bart living the best day to day life

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    hey you, enjoy the music and have a good morning/afternoon/evening because your amazing and you can do anything!

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    Always having chill music on cause I get anxiety about work sometimes TT

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    I used this to concentrate on anything, litterally, could be school, writing on wattpad, cleaning, ANYTHING. This really helps too since I have sever ADHD and SPD. Thank you so much

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    How is he still pouring coffee??

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    To anyone who is struggling. Please know that you are loved. You are significant and you are important.

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    HEY YOU!! 😁 Whoever is reading this, anywhere in the world right now...

    I hope that you're as lit as I am or on your way there💨💨 Iss gone be alrite. 🐝 smooth

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    I’m just so stressed out about things and I’d like to come here and drain it out with all you guys and I feel like y’all are my only friends even though we don’t know each other

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    bro how much coffe can that cup hold?

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    Help! what is the song that starts at 9:49 it only lasts for like 10 seconds and doesn't appear to be Hazy Year, C4C - Melted or mell-ø, Trxxshed - Solitude. It sounds so good.

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    Love the stuff you're doing man keep it up!! ^^

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    kinda stressed me out after about 30seconds when I realised bart wasnt planning on putting the drink down tbh

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    The saddest beat in the world is a heart that doesn't want to beat anymore

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    I put this on for my guinea pigs and when an ad pops up they get mad it's so cute

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    i like the part where bart fills p tha cup with coffe

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    I wonder where do Homer and Bart heading for and what happened in general. This music makes me wonder if some misfortune has happened to them. Sorry, I'm a movie director. I see philosophy even in the chill music video.🤔🤷‍♀️



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    needed this

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    Bart must be wondering how deep that cup is...or how full that flask is. Homer certainly won't tell him ^^;

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      Thought the same:)

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    my new homescreen and my new favourite study music

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    This video makes me forget that my father had covid but finally he came back from the hospital, this cries out the anxiety that sometimes gives me ...I hope nobody happens

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    this is the music i actuly play for my twitch streams

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    The lofi Community is so depressed and lonely but at the same time warm, welcoming and humane.

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    HEY YOU!! Your a amazing human being, not even a handsome, lovely, beautiful person! Your doing great don’t give up okay I’m proud of you!!

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    This totally hits true! I remember years ago going on an all-night van trip with some friends. Woke up at 5 AM on the turnpikes and my most notorious hard-rock headbanger friend who volunteered to drive the midnight-to-six span had the radio tuned to what I call "on-hold music" and was bobbing his head along to the beat and grinning like an idiot. He never knew I knew..but I knew.

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    ok, question how deep is that glass of coffe??

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