1 Piece Unsolved in Rubik's Cube (FAIL!)

Pubblicato il 18 giu 2021
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      @Shido costa wafin flag Edit: waving

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      @TheSimonShi нлн

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      @The Cubing Wolflyn desperate.

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      @Harshit Goswami 8E yeah ikr and ur wlcm 😁

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    موسيقى واثم وكذا يعني... . .

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    Don life of fire

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    What this video mean??? For sure i didn’t understand

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    Im from indonesia

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    Can you solve that

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    Stupid toyplay

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    Just so you all know the song is KNANN- Wavin’ Flag

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    Aesthetic Tea ^_^

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    Wow u make it by ur self?!

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    Whats this song called

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    Yeah you fixed it

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    d r e a m d i s t u r b e r

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    I still don’t know what he’s doing in this video. Why does shorts show the same videos over and over!

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    MegaTrixx .͎̺̝

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    O cara tá tão sem conteúdo que fez um vídeo colocando uma peça no lugar

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    This guy looks like Alvin from buzzfeed..

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    Harry’s secret powder

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    This guy went from making giant foods to solving giant rubies cubes. Damn

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    Can tell me the song of this video?

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    Yellow, Red??

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    Song name plzz

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    This guy looks like bootleg Alvin Zhou XDD

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    Background music is my fav song

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    OK let's fix this done!



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    Dude looks like zhc when you press discard changes to hair

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    I dont like the song and I don’t like you

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    Song name pls

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    I wanna. Be just like you when i gorw up :>>

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    Song please

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    Ay tramposo eso era cierto

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    name of the song please someone tell me

  • Antichrist


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    For those who don't get it: basically a green piece was missing which didn't really matter to him cause if you solve 3 sides pretty much the fourth is done automatically or maybe he knew that the missing piece is green there for considered it as green and the comment thought that the white piece was missing or mismatched but it was just a sticker that wasn't obvious from a zoomed out perspective

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    Dude i thought you were Alvin Zhou for a moment

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    What is the song name

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    You looks like ZHC

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    Me: 800k likes for just putting a green center piece and telling there is a sticker logo on white.

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      Also for proving that something that could take months is finished

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      Your right

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    What is this song called?

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    *lol i thought this guy is ZHC*

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    cual es el nombre de la canción

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    •°The paw patrol love °•

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    This guy with the cubic cubes makes my day:)

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    you made a whole shitty short for this. noice money grab

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    Are you the guy of "Tasty"?

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    9×9 is 81

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    I have the Pentagon cube and I solved it for less than five minutes.

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    Ok...... Oh you ask the time-
    This would take 100 years for me to solve-

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    Hi are you solve the cube in water

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    He looks a little like Alvin from tasty xd

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    What is the name of song plz reply me!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭



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