"What will you remember about me?" | We're Not Really Strangers

Pubblicato il 6 feb 2020
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WNRS is a purpose driven card game all about creating meaningful connections. 3 levels of questions and wildcards that all youu to deepen your existing relationships, and create new ones. Ready? www.werenotreallystrangers.com/

We're Not Really Strangers
  • Maya Lou

    Maya Lou

    3 giorni fa

    Bawling my eyes out profusely

  • Wyatt Wolfe

    Wyatt Wolfe

    7 giorni fa

    The homeless black guy is my favorite. His smile and great attitude are totally contagious.

  • ally


    29 giorni fa

    this video is so beautiful

  • Gabriela Chesley

    Gabriela Chesley

    Mese fa

    this is so beautiful to me, this game has helped bring me closer to so many of my loved ones and even some that i didn't know much about and have now become so important to me. this video makes me so emotional for some reason, it's just so wholesome and heartwarming

  • oh no

    oh no

    Mese fa

    i love when people act like people

  • c


    2 mesi fa

    3:09 not bad but not good either I feel this so much 😢

  • delia


    2 mesi fa

    Bro if i talked to a stranger like this i would write my number ln the note and try to be friends

  • Maxine Simone

    Maxine Simone

    3 mesi fa

    this is so beautiful i wanna cry

  • Heather Berg

    Heather Berg

    3 mesi fa

    That made me cry!

  • Amal Yako

    Amal Yako

    3 mesi fa

    Can you make longer versions? 5 min are not enough

  • Jasmine Peyton

    Jasmine Peyton

    3 mesi fa

    I love love love love this!

  • Jamie Daugherty

    Jamie Daugherty

    5 mesi fa

    Found this game on IG. After seeing this, brb gonna go buy it & play with my Reddit crush.

  • protectyaneck__


    5 mesi fa

    nigga called a white man bob marley

  • Jenna Elder

    Jenna Elder

    6 mesi fa

    Y’all remember this is what life was like before covid

  • ioveletter


    6 mesi fa


  • MissViVega


    6 mesi fa

    I hope that woman was able to see her babies in August 😕

  • Ashley Lloret

    Ashley Lloret

    6 mesi fa

    I want more of these videos!!!!

  • Tamar


    6 mesi fa

    Watching it during covid 😓😓

  • Dulce Rodríguez

    Dulce Rodríguez

    6 mesi fa

    My eyes are sweating 😭

  • Kanani Karasaki

    Kanani Karasaki

    6 mesi fa

    im about to drop $130 on their website buying every single thing i can haha

  • Sophia Ornellas

    Sophia Ornellas

    7 mesi fa

    I think the older ladies name is Iris because it was on the back of her hat.

  • The Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant in the Room

    7 mesi fa

    There is also a free version of a similar game where you can play it online on www.deepcards.org

  • The Wanna Be Vegan

    The Wanna Be Vegan

    7 mesi fa

    I want to know what the notes said 😩😩😩

  • Shamica Carey

    Shamica Carey

    7 mesi fa

    Why am I crying right now 😭

  • Za Ra

    Za Ra

    8 mesi fa

    my heart is so full, God bless everyone!

  • mochioozi


    8 mesi fa

    if someone would barley ask me one question during the connections my emotions would be like time to cry and shake for no reason

  • Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas

    8 mesi fa

    This made me smile

  • KellGottaBag


    8 mesi fa

    Is her children with her now? I just wanna know

  • Zach Mendez

    Zach Mendez

    9 mesi fa

    this shit is so dope yo... fr gives me hope in humanity.

  • Its Redlace

    Its Redlace

    9 mesi fa

    why am i having tears ?

  • leah anderson

    leah anderson

    9 mesi fa

    i hope that guy makes it to the ufc

  • nik almquist

    nik almquist

    9 mesi fa

    All these people are so kind. I really hope that man’s dream comes true of being a UFC fighter. So heartwarming

  • notreallyici


    9 mesi fa

    Seeing the conversation between the black man who said he was homeless and the white man made me think that playing this game with unhoused folks could change the narrative and humanize them!!! So many people still see homeless folks as scum of the earth and it is horrendous, pls werenotstrangers do this!!!

  • Mason Young

    Mason Young

    10 mesi fa

    Just bought this game so excited to play it with other people...

  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    10 mesi fa

    Everybody: this is beautiful😍
    Me in my head: what if I sit down and nobody sits with me

  • Keekskage


    10 mesi fa

    Wow, this is pulling on my heart strings

  • Itss Heather

    Itss Heather

    11 mesi fa


  • Valerie B

    Valerie B

    11 mesi fa

    Did you really have to use this song 😭😭😭

  • Noelle Ticman

    Noelle Ticman

    11 mesi fa

    Due to travel restrictions, I really wonder if the woman was reunited with her kids back home in Iceland :(

  • Fabi Schiwi

    Fabi Schiwi

    11 mesi fa

    Damn that‘s wholesome

  • Munchin' Panda

    Munchin' Panda

    11 mesi fa

    Oh this was sooooo pure and beautiful 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Elle Coffey

    Elle Coffey

    11 mesi fa

    When is this game out?

    • Елизавета Белая

      Елизавета Белая

      11 mesi fa

      The game was out already for some months (or even more), check the official site or the uo (Urban Outfitters)

  • Cameron Lee

    Cameron Lee

    11 mesi fa

    I’m gonna need an update video of the lady with her kids cus it’s now past August 10th

  • Julianne Gamo

    Julianne Gamo

    11 mesi fa

    I need more theseee

  • Roy Hoveling

    Roy Hoveling

    11 mesi fa

    Why not actually show everyone’s answers. Horrible editing right there.

  • Gabriel Reyes

    Gabriel Reyes

    11 mesi fa

    Make some more please, your video remove my problems and anxiety.

  • Rilysa Khorn

    Rilysa Khorn

    11 mesi fa

    This is so beautiful to watch 🥺

  • Daline Ly

    Daline Ly

    11 mesi fa

    so incredibly wholesome.

  • Olivia Drew

    Olivia Drew

    11 mesi fa

    all these people are so beautiful 😌

  • Aurora Garcia

    Aurora Garcia

    11 mesi fa

    I'm here because ot Tiktok

  • Grivano Gilang Restandy

    Grivano Gilang Restandy

    11 mesi fa

    Tiktok bring me here

  • Sherly Elysa

    Sherly Elysa

    11 mesi fa

    Am i the only one watching this bcs of tiktok?

  • Savanna Viteri

    Savanna Viteri

    11 mesi fa

    I want to buy this game but after shipping comes out to almost 40$, does anyone know a discount code??

  • Stefanie Avram

    Stefanie Avram

    11 mesi fa

    Hey. Does anyone know how long it would take for the game to arrive in Europa (Romania)? I want to place an order and there are no infos about the shipping at all. Thank youu!!

  • Mork Lombert

    Mork Lombert

    Anno fa

    Was on board in the first few seconds when they played Phone Call by Jon Brion from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind OST

  • Poppy Orenji

    Poppy Orenji

    Anno fa

    I'm going to cry. We're just all so vulnerable.

  • Sarah Luckiecharm

    Sarah Luckiecharm

    Anno fa

    Wow. I am so moved by this I’m speechless. There was so much raw emotion in this it’s incredible, wow just wow

  • Hey It's That Guy

    Hey It's That Guy

    Anno fa

    This is super wholesome wow

  • Makayla McGrath

    Makayla McGrath

    Anno fa

    You finna make me cry

  • S Os

    S Os

    Anno fa

    I want to cry... Is that a normal and expected reaction????

  • Catarina Ramalho

    Catarina Ramalho

    Anno fa


  • Jana Kroner

    Jana Kroner

    Anno fa

    i guess i cant buy this game in germany:(

  • jimy


    Anno fa

    why am i crying rn???

  • L


    Anno fa

    I live for these things!

  • Lil Ramser

    Lil Ramser

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  • Ultrahorizon


    Anno fa

    Showed up on my for you page on tiktok. Absoloutly beautiful

  • Gean Vitor

    Gean Vitor

    Anno fa

    Ah, por que esse canal só tem dois vídeos? :´(

  • lills 131103

    lills 131103

    Anno fa

    who’s here from tiktok?

  • Aydin Frazier

    Aydin Frazier

    Anno fa

    More content please I honestly love it so much lol

  • mrazz00


    Anno fa

    I hope that you continue to insert subtitles in the future, because I watch from Russia and do not know the language very well. And i love your YouTube channel.

  • M M

    M M

    Anno fa

    Homeless guy brought pain to my heart!

  • luise alberti

    luise alberti

    Anno fa

    I came from tiktok lol

  • Thomas Leslie

    Thomas Leslie

    Anno fa

    Little kobe at the end😥😭😭

  • SwissLotus


    Anno fa

    Please this is the cutest thing ever

  • Joris Gruber

    Joris Gruber

    Anno fa

    The blonde Girl Just Looks Like Charlie damelio in blonde

  • sahana


    Anno fa

    i love how this only has 4 dislikes and 2.1k likes because how can someone not like this vid🥺🥺

  • Azist


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  • Ryan Manzella

    Ryan Manzella

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    the homeless guy 🥺🥺

  • loran larae

    loran larae

    Anno fa

    i would love an uncut version!

  • AustinHowardDavid


    Anno fa

    I’m so glad I got to watch this

  • jjba117


    Anno fa

    This video was beautiful, it really shows how much we all have in common with eachother. Not everyone out there is bad.

  • emily dickinson

    emily dickinson

    Anno fa

    Profound ❤️

  • Sam Bashiri

    Sam Bashiri

    Anno fa

    Love this because it shows the connection people can have my just talking for a few minutes and how a “stranger” is really just a friend you haven’t met.

  • sneeze


    Anno fa

    who here from tiktok

  • bbellaaa


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    Who else came from tiktok 🙋‍♀️

  • Montaya


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    I wanna see what they wrote😅

  • Kendra Linton

    Kendra Linton

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    whos here from tiktok

  • Indie Mvsic

    Indie Mvsic

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    This was so sweet. It made me feel pure happiness which I’m not sure how long that’s been

  • Romy


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    this made me so happy

  • Infinity Days

    Infinity Days

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    I sent this to my friends and nearly all of them including myself cried

  • Ramon Daniel

    Ramon Daniel

    Anno fa

    Here from TikTok, glad I found it!

  • Brendan Jager

    Brendan Jager

    Anno fa

    This seriously needs to be seen more, especially when we as a nation are so divided amongst each other. This video shows we are all battling our own battles and we need to love each other. God bless you all 🖤🤎🤍💛

  • Ranch


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  • Veronica Sayre

    Veronica Sayre

    Anno fa

    let’s help the sweet homeless guy 🥺

    • Semi Ifaturoti

      Semi Ifaturoti

      4 mesi fa

      did u help him yet

    • Alex G

      Alex G

      Anno fa


  • Jerica Naicker

    Jerica Naicker

    Anno fa

    why can’t all old people be like the granny 🥺 man she’s the sweetest !

  • xyo


    Anno fa

    this video is so beautiful 🥺❤️

  • Kate Elizabeth

    Kate Elizabeth

    Anno fa

    Wish you added in what they wrote to each other like in the bumble video. Please keep doing these. They make me so emotional, in the best way!

  • Yailyn Nuñez

    Yailyn Nuñez

    Anno fa

    "Sometimes you gotta shatter the images and just be real." PERIODT.

  • marie


    Anno fa

    Thsi is the 5th time that i watch the video and I cry everytime, I bought this game but I don"t have anyone to play with

    • itshlee


      Anno fa

      I'd totally be down with playing this game with you, my discord is ashley_75#1247 if you're interested :) I don't have a copy of the game tho, so I'm not exactly sure if it would work

    • Nneka Miller

      Nneka Miller

      Anno fa

      marie only my mom is willing to play🥺 everyone I know is uncomfortable with being deep

  • Salome Siradze

    Salome Siradze

    Anno fa

    The part where the woman talks about leaving her kids behind in Iceland made me tear up so much